Vloging became widespread after the largest video hosting youtube.com offered to users to make money on their content. Russia in this regard is no exception. In this review we will look at the authors of the most popular Russian Internet videodiaries and find out how they attract an audience.

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TOP 10 Russian Vloggers

#1. First place by the number of subscribers takes Ivan Rudskoy (EeOneGuy) from Ukraine. Also he is on second place by total number of views. Earlier he was making the “letsplays” (“let’s play” – vlog format, which implies that author playing in game and commenting this process), animation and funny sketches. Now he making challenges, parodies and videos about himself.

#2. Max Golopolosov and his entertainment show «+100500» turned to second place after years of dominance. The channel name goes from popular Internet-meme, meaning a convincing agreement with someone else’s opinion. In other words fat Like. Max produces reviews on funny videos from the Internet. His broadcasts can be easily recognized by the permanent leopard background. Recently, the channel regularly releases episodes, wherein presenter is not Max. This series produced by other well-known bloggers in exchange for promotion. Maxim also leads his personal vlog — MoranDays, wherein tells about his hangouts, trips and various events from life.

#3. Yury Yaniv from Ukraine and his weekly channel with cognitive videos and kitty named “Cookie” rapidly burst into Top 3.

#4. Yury Morozilka (Frost) takes first place by total views amount (more than 2 billions). He also was making letsplays in Minecraft, but now just producing funny videos.

#5. Comedian show «This is Хорошо» («This is good») closes our TOP 5. High-quality product, which even came out on main russian TV channel. Presenter — Stas Davydov.

#6. Next in our list is Oleg Brain’s letsplay-channel. There are Watch Dogs 2, Dishonored 2, GTA V, Call of Duty, etc.

#7. The first female vloger in our ranking — Ekaterina Trofimova, aka Kate Clapp. Kate talks about herself, about her travels, answers the questions of subscribers. In general, she leads a blog about everything that is interesting from her point of view. The prototype of her video diary can be called a well-known vlog of american girl under the pseudonym Jenna Marbles.

#8. The next person is also a Minecraft-letsplayer and his name is Roman Filchenkov.

#9. Another girl in our list — Sasha Spilberg. She makes letplays, realeses music videos, talks about her trips and any female things.

#10. Closes our TOP 10 Maxim Tarasenko, aka TheBrianMaps. Born September 25, 1999. He produses comical videos.

List of the most popular russian videobloggers on YouTube

(by the number of subscribers and total channel views)
Last update 08.10.16

Blog Name Subscribers (millions) Views (millions)
EeOneGuy 9.4м 2 098м
+100 500 7.6м 1 467м
SlivkiShow 6.3м 799м
This is good 5.7м 1 130м
Frost 5.6м 2 193м
TheBrainDit 4.9м 1 581м
TheKateClapp 4.8м 501м
MrLololoshka 4.4м 1 108м
Sasha Spilberg 3.9м 578м
TheBrianMaps 3.8м 886м
DaiFiveTop 3.7м 899м
Maryana Ro 3.7м 283м
Maria Way 3.2м 206м
HappyTown | LeTSPLaySHiK 2.6м 857м
Russian butcher 2.6м 243м
OmskoeTV 2.5м 116м
Jove [Virtus.Pro] 2.4м 621м
Rakamakafo (pranks) 2.4м 277м
Kuplinov ► Play 2.3м 822м
smotraTV (auto) 2.3м 427м
Syenduk 2.2м 373м
DILLERON ★ Play 2.1м 962м
Wylsacom (about Apple) 2.1м 417м
SAH4R SHOW 2.1м 283м
SuperEvgexa 2.1м 404м
Anastasiya Shpagina 2.1м 184м
YanGo 2.1м 157м
LizzzTV 2.0м 449м
Yarik Lapa 1.8м 1 088м
DIPT 1.8м 252м
TheUselessMouth 1.8м 181м
HappyTown | LaGGeRFeeD 1.7м 431м
Filipin is bro 1.7м 313м
Sonya Esman 1.7м 163м
PozzitifonShow 1.6м 295м
vJOBivay 1.6м 230м
MrUnfiny 1.5м 377м
Kulibin TV 1.5м 177м
EugeneSagaz 1.5м 471м
windy31 1.4м 424м
BenderChat 1.4м 295м
[VyacheslavOO] 1.4м 358м
Umeloe TV 1.4м 247м
Saspens 1.4м 354м
Kane 1.4м 277м
SemchenkoKirill 1.4м 245м
Jury Hovanskiy 1.4м 235м
IGM 1.4м 285м
Nifedov Andrey 1.4м 231м
Coffi Channel 1.4м 288м
The Alex Super 1.4м 206м
Successful group 1.4м 198м
Room Factory 1.4м 228м
Quantum Games 1.4м 244м
Mr. Marmok 1.4м 145м
Firamir 1.3м 447м
Enjoykin 1.3м 215м
Larin 1.3м 208м
Roman Ursu 1.3м 196м
Swasti Ji 1.3м 176м
Pasha Mikus/a> 1.3м 32м
Julia Pushman 1.3м 119м
Mary Senn 1.3м 104м
Amway921WOT 1.2м 476м
oblomoff 1.2м 259м
Edward Ateva 1.2м 89м
RED21 1.2м 237м
TaGs – Play Theme 1.2м 204м
BadComedian 1.2м 181м
gagatunFeed 1.1м 322м
TeranitGame 1.1м 451м
Hach’s diary 1.1м 176м
ShurikWorld 1.1м 366м
Bulkin 1.1м 312м
Top Five 1.1м 165м
JustSnake 1.1м 172м
AcademeG 1.1м 159м
AlexPozitiv 1.1м 155м
Stint 1.1м 151м
Rislan Usachev 1.1м 145м
1337LikeR 1.1м 132м
Anton Vorotnikov 1.0м 291м
MoranDays 1.0м 79м
BlackSilverUfa 1.0м 242м
Revazov Autoblog 1.0м 177м
NEMAGIA 1.0м 152м
JesusAVGN 1.0м 121м
Agnia Ogonek 1.0м 104м
CrazyMegaHell 1.0м 84м
HalBer 1.0м 84м

As you can see, almost all the channels in the top are in the entertainment focus.

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