Russian girls are very popular in the world. Inhabitants of many countries dream about relationship with russians. As a true russian guy, I can share some simple and effective advices, which will help you to find a beautiful russian woman in Internet for free. Of course there are a lot of websites for meeting, but this approach has many flaws. There is much easier ways! You just need to be a bit rapt by something.

Why you shouldn’t meet on russian dating websites

– Limited audience
Not all girls are registered on this kind of sites, actually there are a minority. The most attractive girls do not need it. Especially there are women above 30.

– Restrictions and paid features
Almost all the dating sites impose additional services, without which it is very difficult to obtain the desired result. In social networks is much less restrictive, and standard functionality allows you to achieve the goal.

– Low culture of russian dating sites
I do not blame anyone. Everyone can do online what they wants, but it is worth noting that in fact the Russian dating sites is a place where women with children looking for a husband, and men just looking for a sex. The local atmosphere makes communication unnatural. For me it is just unpleasant place.

Social networks in Russia

In addition to the familiar and usual in the world Facebook and Instagram, here are two more popular sites: VK (VKontakte) and classmates (odnoklassniki).


The most popular social network in Russia. Different audience, but the main is 16-28 years old. Great tools for search and targeting. Interface is translated into many languages. I recommend precisely this platform.


“Not young, but successful”. There are many entrepreneurs and public figures. Very popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Core audience is people 25-50 years old.


Women is over 70%. Welfare is above average. Core is people 20-35 years old.

Middle-aged and unsuccessful. – this is the most “female” network. According to recent research, women are more than 75%. The age structure of the core audience amounts to 28-40 years. It is a meeting place for inveterate housewives. The probability that a woman will know a foreign language is very small. The network is popular in regions. In Moscow and St. Petersburg enjoys little popularity. But in the cities of beyond the Ural Mountains, classmates are still the leader.

3 simple steps to date with Russian girl

I prefer VK, because of his targeting tools and usability. I will tell in detail about the dating on this example.

Meet on clothes

It is very important to fill out your profile before you start meet. After registration, add your photos, favorite music and workplace. Add someone to friends to not look like a mysterious stranger. I can be your first friend! Here is my profile. Or just ask me for all question.

Targeted search

The most interesting part. You can search both through organic search and by search among communities members. If you do not have specific preferences in woman, and the only thing you are looking for is how she looks, use a standard search.

Advantage of search in community participants is the fact that you can find the person most suited to your tastes and life views. The most difficult step for you will be to find a community, related with needed people.

vk profile

Try the easiest way — in “search by communities” bar enter a keyword which describes sought-for social group. For example, it could be a music style like “hard rock” or TV series title like “Game of Thrones”. You can also translate it into russian.

communities search

When you find an appropriate groups, go to the followers list (members link on screenshot).



search-settingsIn the right column you will see the advanced search preferences. It is important to select a country, city, age and sex. Congratulations! Now you see a list of potential girlfriends! It is advisable to turn off sort by popularity or seek from end, because top-rated persons probably leave you without an answer. Many of them conduct their pages exclusively for promotional purposes, and many are fakes. You also can try, but be careful! In addition to these basic parameters, there are others that are less populated, but you can also test. For example, a search on the religious views, bad habits or even search by date of birth if you believe in horoscopes.

Write a message

You can “like” his photos or “add to friends” and wait for reciprocity, but I recommend just start a conversation. Girls like drastic actions)

add-to-friendsIt is desirable to write with a greeting a detailed proposal with a topic of conversation, rather than just “hello, how do you do?”. Proper beginning of the conversation:
“Hi! I’m just a fan of skiing from Austrian mountains) You’re also addicted to the extreme? Can you advise cool places to skiing in Russia for me?”


It does’t matter where you are — offline or online, in VK or on a dating site, everywhere be kind and give more than receive.

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