Copyright infringement is a fairly common problem in social media networks. Now it’s easier to fight it with a new service on Instagram and Facebook that allows you to find thieves of your content.

The new Rights Manager tool is an add-on to Facebook Creator Studio. The author uploads his content to it, and the system finds matches. You can search for both photos and videos. After that, the owner decides what to do next: continue monitoring, block or add an author’s tag to someone else’s post. You can choose different sanctions for different countries. The content you are checking does not have to be published on FB and Ig. In addition to the content itself, to check for uniqueness, you will need to upload a csv file with metadata.

How to connect the controller right?

The service is not available to everyone. In order to gain access, you need to fill out the form and apply on the page A public page on Facebook is required. If you want to check Instagram, then your account must be linked to Facebook.

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