Can Instagram post be scheduled from desktop?

By default, you can’t schedule publication on Instagram for a specific time and upload it from PC, but now this feature appeared in Facebook Creator Studio. It’s free and you no longer have to use additional third-party services. There is available publishing to the feed and to IGTV.

How to Schedule Publication to Instagram

Firstly, you need to link your Instagram account to Facebook. After that go to the dashboard, which is located at

Facebook Creator Studio
Facebook Creator Studio Dashboard
  1. In the top center menu, select Instagram.
  2. In the left menu, click on “Create Post” and select “Instagram Feed” or IGTV.
  3. In the popup window on the right, select your account and create a post.
  4. Publish a post or select a time for delayed publication.


  1. Attention! Facebook is not stable, so some functions may not work. For example, my video post did not load to the feed. Before diligently filling out a post, check that the upload is working.
  2. Here are not all the features available in the mobile Instagram aplication . There is no filters and image editing, there is only cropping. Also, you cannot change the order of the files, so upload it in the correct order initially.
  3. Indents between lines during sending, as in the mobile application, is not saved. To do this, you can use, for example, the telegram bot @text4instabot.


The desktop version has functionality that is not available in the mobile application:

  1. The time planner for publication scheduling.
  2. Selecting the preview for the video.

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