Chatroulette – video chat on a webcam with a random interlocutor. Here you can find interesting people and meet cute girls. But in order for communication to go on a good note, you need to remember some elementary tips. So, here they are.

1. Just dress nicely

According to statistics, 2-5 seconds are enough for users to decide whether to stay in the chat or not. The only thing that can be assessed during this time is the appearance of the interlocutor. Therefore, you should not sit in front of the camera in an untidy T-shirt (or without it at all) against the backdrop of an abandoned mountain of things. If your goal is real communication and finding new acquaintances (and not pranks), take care of how you will look on the screen.

2. Don’t impose your position

If the conversation turns into an argument, invite everyone to have their own opinion. Imposing one’s own position in such dialogues is inappropriate. Remember that people come to Chatroulette for communication, entertainment and relaxation. Enemy battles and moralizing are useless here.

3. Speak respectfully, be friendly

All people love to be treated with respect and kindness. This is especially true for girls. From the very first minutes of the conversation, you must show respect for the second participant in the chat. It’s easy to do, all you need to do is: say hello; Ask about the name / affairs of the interlocutor; Do not ask questions of a personal / intimate nature (unless the topic of the conversation requires it). A friendly attitude will instantly interest the interlocutor and make him continue the conversation (at least out of reciprocal respect for you).

4. Be calm

For the first time, you may feel a little embarrassed. And if the interlocutor does not want to talk to me? And if I … Calm down! Do not go over in your head all the negative points that can occur during a conversation. Remember that at any time you can stop communication by pressing one button. And the likelihood that you will meet again with one of the half a million users of the service is close to zero.

5. Use compliments

Compliments will help to make the girl linger in the chat. A casual interlocutor will be pleased to hear pleasant words from a stranger. Especially if these are not typical phrases, but individual praise. Compliment her long (or short) hair, light (or dark) eyes, and other features that catch your eye.

6. Top tip

The main advice for men is to talk lightly. Do not take chatroulette as some kind of task or difficult level. This is just a service where you can spend an hour or two for exciting online communication.

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