TikTok community is rapidly developing, which means influencers appear in it. Let’s see who broke into the leaders in the Russian segment.

Kirill Kolesnikov

Rakhim Abramov

Рахим Абрамов TikTok

Rahim with his granny leads in our top. 5.3M Followers 70.6M Likes.


Алексей Савко TikTok

Alexey Savko from Belarus with a height of 130cm takes second place in this top. It is interesting that Alex began with YouTube and led a street talk show. 4.4M Followers 83.8M Likes.


Alexandr TikTok

Handsome Alexander shoots unpretentious videos to music and this gives him a huge audience. 3.8M Followers 52.1M Likes.


лё тикток

Gymnast Olga a respectable fourth place. 3.7M Followers 64.3M Likes.


анастасия усеева тикток

Demonic Anastasia Useeva in fifth place in the ranking. 3.5M Followers 63.4M Likes.

Verz Twins

Близнецы Верзаковы тикток

Artyom and Kirill are filming parodies of famous cartoons. 3.4M Followers 75.8M Likes

Egor Kreed

Егор Крид

The already popular stars also learn Tik Tok, and quite successfully! 3.3M Followers 25.2M Likes.


аня тикток

Redhead Anya Kalashnik is also in our rating. 3.1M Followers 90.1M Likes.


сима тикток

Max Alekseenko and his forelock know how to get to the top. 3M Followers 47.9M Likes

Anya Ischuk

Аня Ищук тик ток

Another Anya in our selection. 2.6M Followers 73.2M Likes.

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