Recently in the media began to spread the news that Instagram «admitted failure IGTV», since removed the button of this section from the application.

Yes, the button was removed, but removed to do better than it was.

Now the IGTV section is in the Interesting section. IGTV there takes the honorable first tab. By clicking on the tab, you can view recommended and popular videos. You can also add your own IGTV video there.

IGTV video is no longer a stand-alone feature that many did not like because of this. The videos from this section have long been available in an interesting, feed, profile, and also have their own tab for each in the profile.

And the most important innovation, which will increase the number of uploaded IGTV videos on Instagram. Now, in a standard way, you can upload videos not only up to a minute, but up to 10 minutes, and in some cases up to an hour. Yes, now IGTV can be uploaded through standard functionality – through the plus sign in the middle of the screen.

Summing up, we can say that Instagram is not going to “recognize the failure of IGTV”, but rather works to ensure that long and high-quality videos get more attention.

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