Sometimes it is inconvenient to reply to customers on Instagram from a mobile. It is much more efficient to communicate through a computer, but the desktop version of Instagram does not give us such opportunities.

As you know, Instagram is part of Facebook, and it was on facebook that the tools we needed began to appear lately. For example, delayed posting to Instagram from your computer. Today I will talk about how to respond to direct and to comments from a computer through Facebook.

Where to go?

First you need to link your Instagram account to Facebook. And you need to bind it to the business page. If you do not have it, then you need to create it.

Facebook Inbox

1. Go to your business page and select “Inbox” in the top menu.

Instagram DM in Facebook

2. On the next page on the right in the tab “Messages” you will see «Instagram Direct» section.


  • Voice messages will be heard, but can not be recorded.
  • No “quick answers.”
  • No gifs.


The ability to reply to comments.

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