DarkNet – dark layer of the Internet, connect to which is possible only through a special browser – Tor. Darknet is more anonymous, unlike the Internet. It concentrate communities engaged in illegal activities – trade in arms, drugs and bank cards. But there are also legal projects – libraries, literary magazines. People choose this network for the sake of freedom of speech and privacy. So, let’s get access to the darknet!

How to get Access to The Darknet

It’s pretty simple. You need to download the Tor-browser from the official site. It is not recommended to download Tor from other resources, because this distribution may contain Trojans that can declassify your online presence. Next you need to install the browser.

Tor works just like regular browsers, but with a more complex scheme, which negatively affects the speed of loading pages. With it, you can visit both hidden and clearnet (regular) sites. Make sure that it is configured correctly, follow the link – https://check.torproject.org/.

this browser is configured to use Tor

How Tor-browser works

how darknet works

The essence of the work is displayed in the logo – the bulb. Like it, the connection consists of layers – a chain of proxies. Information passes through three randomly selected hosts. On the client side, before sending a packet, sequential encryption occurs for each node.

Darknet Sites

Все сделки на запрещенных сайтах сети тор являются незаконными и преследуются по закону. Проект носит исключительно ознакомительный характер и предназначен для общего понимания сети TOR.

Sites on the Tor network are located in the .onion domain zone. Here is a list of some resources:

3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion — DuckDuckGo — search engine for clearnet. The creators claim that they do not collect user data, unlike Google.
not Evil — search engine in Tor network.
TORCH — another one.
Hidden Answers — anonymous questions and answers.

If the address 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion confused you, notice that all sites on this network look like this.

The Onionland community is also available on Redditе. You can find the darknet links there as well.


It should be noted that the use of the Tor browser does not guarantee the anonymity of your actions. Information and offers from the network may be false. Beware of scams!

How is DarkNet different from DeepWeb?

“DeepWeb” or “Deep Internet” — information that is not indexed by search engines and is located in closed segments of the Internet – in private networks. For example, government data storages, access to which can be obtained only by password.

Other Private Networks

Tor is a popular, but not the only anonymous network. Many Tor-projects have mirrors in I2P. Another popular network is Freenet.

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