Hello! I want to share with you an interesting mechanics of increasing activity and getting likes on Instagram. Curiously, I do not peeped it from someone and discovered quite by accident as a result of my own insta-experiments.

It is suitable for pages that already have a decent audience (500 – 10,000 subscribers and above).

It happened on the page @kinoteatrdruzhba. One user just put 20-30 likes, thereby filling out the entire activity notification page. I decided that it is necessary to thank him. I took a snapshot this page, mentioned him and put it in the story.

Like marathon
Like marathon

Then came a chain reaction. Other users saw that for a bunch of likes you can get to the story for free, and also began to generously like us. It has been reached even 100 likes from one page..

So, you can declare in a post or in a story about the start of a marathon of likes and thank those who responded. You can also try asking for any other actions: reposts, comments, etc.


The downside is that the rest of the audience may not like it and quickly get bored, so this campaign should be less often.

What do you think about this?) Please share your opinion! And what methods do you use to increase activity on a page?

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