How to get Into The Darknet

access to the darknet

DarkNet – dark layer of the Internet, connect to which is possible only through a special browser – Tor. Darknet is more anonymous, unlike the Internet. It concentrate communities engaged in illegal activities – trade in arms, drugs and bank cards. But there are also legal projects – libraries, literary magazines. People choose this network for the sake of freedom of speech and privacy. So, let’s get access to the darknet!

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Most Popular People in Instagram. Top Celebrities by Followers

Do you want to know who is very popular in Instagram? For whose life people are willing to watch? OK! We publish the rating of the most popular users in the Instagram by the number of followers. There are famous brands, entertainment, sport and business stars, other celebrities. Continue reading “Most Popular People in Instagram. Top Celebrities by Followers”

Most Popular Videobloggers in Russia

videobloggers russia

Vloging became widespread after the largest video hosting offered to users to make money on their content. Russia in this regard is no exception. In this review we will look at the authors of the most popular Russian Internet videodiaries and find out how they attract an audience.
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How to Date with Russian Girl in Internet


Russian girls are very popular in the world. Inhabitants of many countries dream about relationship with russians. As a true russian guy, I can share some simple and effective advices, which will help you to find a beautiful russian woman in Internet for free. Of course there are a lot of websites for meeting, but this approach has many flaws. There is much easier ways! You just need to be a bit rapt by something.
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